Perfecting Poached Eggs


Can you believe that this morning was the first time that I managed to poach an egg properly? It’s something I’ve avoided doing  because every time I tried, the egg whites would just go everywhere and I really thought it was just something I couldn’t conquer. Well, this morning I thought I would give it a final try and I watched lots of youtube videos beforehand to get some tips. Here’s what worked for me:

1. Boil a large pot of water
2. Add a generous splash of white wine vinegar, and stir the water to make a whirlpool
3. Crack an egg into a little bowl and slowly drop the egg in the boiling water (careful not to burn your finger like I did!)
4. You will see the egg come together very quickly and the vinegar helps the egg whites cook together
5. After about two minutes, use a slotted spoon to take the poached eggs out. I think going by instinct is the way to go, I wanted the yolks to be runny but all the whites cooked

Here’s one of the videos I watched that was very helpful, but I stirred my water so I didn’t have to trim any excess.

Now just serve and eat them! When my poached eggs came out perfectly I was so happy, they looked like soft little pillows! Can’t get more perfect than that… now I want to eat them all the time!



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